Earth, wind and legacy

Melting ice, soil under melting snow, structure in stones and in living things. All around us is structure and colors. Human action is making it plain and dull. Damaging life and it´s structure in it´s deepest.

Can a fat lady dance?

From 2018- 2021 Feminist project about pressures women face in our society. Includes videos, panties, speachs, performanses, 9 month intervention living as womens magazine tells to, paintings, shrynes.. Studies of forms.

Paintings 2015-2018

2015-2018 I painted freedom. Different people have tied to influence me in my years. They have told me I do thing in a wrong way, I am wrong, I look, sound and think wrong. I am not woman enough, I am not artistic enough, I am not painter enough or anything enough. I tried to …