time between pandemic restrictions and normal


2021 I started to study human behaviour during pandemic restrictions. Social changes and changing norms can look so different depending on a person and the starting point.

I have divided this subject on to smaller areas:

How does it feel to be a fake flower? In this section I am trying to communicate with plants and be one of them. In some points of pandemic, plants have been the only safe communication companion and some of us humans have developed deeper engagement with plants. This section is based on OOO and posthumanism as much as perceptions of human and plant behaviour.

Human wilderness. Alone and away from others we are getting a bit wild. We might forget our manners, habits and all things we are in social environment.

Replacing social engagement . What kind of things we do when we have no social engagements? Whodo we talk to? Where do we find wormth?

Structural reformations is socially engaged photograph project where I have been talking with many people (online) about feelings during their insulation. These feelings and talks have been powering, intense and deep. Most of them have happened in times where everything have seem to be in it´s darkest. In these photos are mostly faces because it is only thing we see from each other in our computer screens. The faces are my own or my favorite models´.