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I use social relations in my art. I use concept. I use painting. I use me, you and us. I use everything I find. Everything I find interesting, meaningful or meaningless enough. My art is based on things that happen and those that does not but they could.

I use sound, interventions, science, video, photo, prints, painting, my body, ready made elements, socially engaged traditions, outside of traditions, conversations etc. I fight against single mindedness, narrow-mindedness and useless traditions.

500 letter from my work

Minttu Saarinen (°1987, Hämeenlinna, Finland) makes installations, paintings and performances. By using popular themes such as sexuality, society structure and herd behaviour, Saarinen touches various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring subject matter can be recognised, such as the relation with popular culture and media, working with repetition, provocation and the investigation of the process of expectations.

Her installations are a drawn reflection upon the art of installation art itself: thoroughly self-referential, yet no less aesthetically pleasing, and therefore deeply inscribed in the history of modernism – made present most palpably in the artist’s exploration of some of the most hallowed of modernist paradigms. Through a radically singular approach that is nevertheless inscribed in the contemporary debate, she uses references and ideas that are so integrated into the process of the composition of the work that they may escape those who do not take the time to explore how and why these images haunt you, like a good film, long after you’ve seen them.

Her works question the conditions of appearance of an image in the context of contemporary visual culture in which images, representations and ideas normally function. By studying sign processes, signification and communication, she makes work that generates diverse meanings. Associations and meanings collide. Space becomes time and language becomes image.

Her works often refers to pop and mass culture. Using written and drawn symbols, a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined is created.