I draw soundscapes. Different sizes, colors, without colors, I sometimes draw my very loud thoughts in to the soundscape when it is very quiet.

Soundscapes from Mänttä, Finland, from my one month residency period in Serlachius Residency

Path of Love 4. 160x300cm, 2023
Path of Love 1. 160x300cm, 2023
Path of Love 2, 160x300cm, 2023

Soundscapes from my everyday surroundings

Soundscapes from my studio. I had a cleaner behind my studio door. He made sounds of cleaning.

My studio was humming. Airconditioner, computer, lights. Differend hz of humming.

There was a loud sudden noise. It sounded like a siren. It broke the landscape.

Water was falling from the tap many times. He cleaned the floor.

noises of cleaning and humming.
visual side of silence and bunch of loud thoughts.
Sounds in my studio placed like they are born in the space.

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