In this piece Saarinen studies mixing human and plant together using quantum physics, energy healing and energy transforming. This act took place in a forest in Finland and took several hours. To get contact with plants Saarinen used community art ethics and Object Oriented Ontology strategy.


Homoplantae is a lifeform that was born from human and plant. It started from this place in Finland and built functional society with it´s own rules and laws. Only few pure human were left and one of them was professot Mentha Lorvensis, who studied Homoplantae in finnish forests. homopantae has male and female flowers and …

Public-private space

I find it interesting to put objects in public space. pairless clows, panties and other daily things gets a new life in temporary exhibitions. Objects chance in outside conditions. They sget new meanings in public space. private becomes public, ones owned is now abandoned, transformed to something else.


I draw soundscapes. Different sizes, colors, without colors, I sometimes draw my very loud thoughts in to the soundscape when it is very quiet. Soundscapes from Mänttä, Finland, from my one month residency period in Serlachius Residency Soundscapes from my everyday surroundings Soundscapes from my studio. I had a cleaner behind my studio door. He …


Believe, hope and what the fuck? / Usko toivo ja mitähän vittua? 2021 Ones own holy virgin / Oman elämänsä pyhä neitsyt 2019


Minttu Saarinen, 1987 Education:2022 Master of fine arts and culture, Lab university of applied sciences 2014 Kankaanpää art school, bachelor of fine arts 2012-2013 Tallinn university, fine arts Coming: 2023 Tuliaisia aurinkokaupungista, Hämeenlinna2024 Morbid Orbit, Kulttuuritalo Laikku2024 Kunstlerhaus Lukas, Germany, Residency on May Performances and social related projects:2022 Mentha Lorvensis, Homoplantae2022 Homoplantaris2021 Structural changes2020 9 …

Structural changes

The series processes the emotions and experiences, physical and mental caused by pandemic. The implementation of the series took place through bilateral discussions. People were selected from among my networks based on who felt the need to unravel their feelings on the subject. The people told me how it felt and what had changed during …